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Difference between natural stone and artificial stone
Publisher:Manager   Time:2023-3-14
  1.Different ingredients:artificial stone is mainly composed of resin,aluminum powder,pigment and curing agent.Tiandu natural stone is mainly divided into two kinds in daily use:marble and granite.Generally speaking,those with textures are called marble,and those with spots are called granite.
  2.Durability is different:artificial stone is wear-resistant,impact resistant,easy to maintain,seamless splicing,and versatile in shape.Natural stone has high hardness;High density;Wear-resistant but not elastic enough,cracks will occur in case of heavy impact.Generally speaking,artificial stone is more durable than natural stone.
  3.Seamless connection is different:natural stone is heavier;The gap between the two pieces is large,and the connection is difficult,so it is impossible to do seamless splicing;The artificial stone is seamlessly spliced and the shape is changeable.
  4.The difficulty of maintenance is different:the permeability of natural stone is also high,and the stain is difficult to clean;Artificial stone is non-toxic,radioactive,flame retardant,non-stick,non-polluting,antibacterial and mildew-proof.
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