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Precautions for daily care of landscape stone
Publisher:Manager   Time:2023-3-14
  What precautions should be taken in the daily care of landscape stones are as follows:
  1.Don't wash large areas with water to avoid water spots;
  2.Don't use toilet detergent containing acid to clean,so as not to burn the landscape stone and cause loss of light(including crystallized landscape stone);
  3.Non-specific alkaline detergent(such as kitchen detergent)can not be used to clean the landscape stone,so as to avoid re-alkali,which is difficult to handle;
  4.In case of serious pollution,consult a professional cleaning company,and do not use cleaning agent randomly.
  If the newly installed landscape stone has been treated with crystallization or the old landscape stone has been treated with renovation crystallization,the daily dust removal can be done with a vacuum cleaner or dust pusher(with a little dust liquid).In case of local accidental pollution,M-3 marble special detergent made in Italy can be used for cleaning.The details are as follows:add 5-10 times of water to wipe,then wipe with clean water towel,and finally dry with dry towel.The landscape stone shall be cleaned as soon as it is wet and dry,and the water shall not be allowed to dry naturally on the surface of the landscape stone.
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