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What factors affect stone processing
Publisher:Manager   Time:2023-3-14
  In general,the greater the hardness of the stone,the more difficult the processing is,the higher the molding technology is required,and the greater the wear of the processing tools.When the hardness of the stone increases,the abrasion resistance will also increase,so the cutting resistance will increase,and the requirements for processing tools will be higher.
  The forming components of stone materials include mineral and chemical components.Different mineral and chemical components have different processability.For example,marble,whose main mineral components are calcite and dolomite,has a Morse hardness of 3 and 3.5-4,which is lower than that of granite and is easy to process.The main minerals of granite are quartz,orthoclase and plagioclase,and their Mohs hardness is 6.5-7.Its machinability largely depends on the content of quartz and feldspar.The higher the content,the more difficult it is to process.In terms of chemical composition,the higher the content of SiO2,the more difficult the processing is.
  In general,it is easier to process stones with uniform structure particles than those with uneven structure particles;Fine particles have higher quality than flake polishing;The gloss of dense stone is higher than that of loose stone;The good crystallinity of minerals,the directional arrangement and the consistent optical axis direction will greatly improve the glossiness after polishing.
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